"Jouliette" is the name of a new blockchain – based energy sharing token that was launched earlier this year at De Ceuvel in Amsterdam. The token allows peer-to-peertrading of electricity between members of the De Ceuvel experimental community, which benefits from a private smart grid powered by renewable energy. The existence of this grid, claim the companies behind Jouliette is key to the success of the endeavour. Community members are able to trade the electricity generated by their individual solar pv without the restrictions posed by the centralised grid. 

De Ceuvel represents a great example of one of the key applications of blockchain. It also represents a great example of the working of circular economy in practice. The community consumes food and water, with the resulting waste being put back into the system (and subject to careful processing) used as bio filter and/or composting material (amongst other). 

There are undoubtedly a number of similar projects afoot across the UK and at various scales and what these projects, as well as the De Ceuvel example illustrate is that the progress towards a more sustainable/resource efficient future is not limited to "big" wins and there are a number of smaller wins that can be achieved across the way. Whether you are after a "big" or a"small" win we are happy to help so please do get in touch!