No this is not a story of the drink that fell from grace coming back but in fact a story about a new solar powered development.

50,000 residents are expected to reside in Babcock Ranch, Florida, which is reported to be the first city in the United States powered entirely by solar power.

Babcock Ranch is located in an area that is larger than Manhattan, in a hub of new technologies including the likes of self-driving electric buses. The Ranch will comprise of 19,000 homes spread accross four villages complete with retail stores and schools. Residents can move around the Ranch using driverless cars that they easily request through an app ontheir smartphones. Indeed some homes even offer an additional incentive to buyers in the form of a free Chevy electric car.

This futuristic development is a great example of the growing appreciation and demand for cleaner forms of energy contrasting greatly with Donald Trump's (now rejected) plan to rejuvenate coal and nuclear power plants.

Closer to home, charging facilities for electric vehicles in London are multiplying. In the borough of Kensington and Chelsea residents will benefit from charging facilities that use 100% renewable energy from street lamp posts.

EV charging points have also started to appear in new build houses in England as well. Our house-builder team has had the opportunity to be involved in these types of developments and to consider the legal implications of installing EV charging points on new estates (including issues around the ownership of such installations, maintenance and service charges, insurance and apportionment of risk).

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