With a purpose to prevent customer confusion on recycling the packaging of their drinks, 200 newly designed Beverage Bins will be placed across Cornwall. The bin will accept all types of single-use drinks containers, including paper and plastic cups, cans, cartons, plastic bottles and even lids and straws. The material from the bins will be analysed, sorted locally and sent for processing at sites in the UK. They will be located in areas of high plastic packaging recycling such as high streets, beaches, entertainment venues..

A new project can't be rolled out without a trendy bit of technology...cue the mobile gamification app that will be developed to reward consumers for depositing their used drink containers.

Recycling has become a complicated process often due to vague labelling, a lack of standardisation and the absence of clear disposal instructions.

Most consumers will not go out of their way to determine if they can recycle product packaging. The options from a confused consumer’s point of view are to either (1) stop purchasing the product altogether to avoid further waste generation or (2) throw it away with no attempt at recycling.

 The Beverage Bin is a welcomed invention which seeks to combat confusion and seeks to increase recycling. The costs of decontaminating the waste collected over the three month trial period from June to August 2018 will presumably be one the key factors in establishing if the project can be rolled out nationally.

I shall be looking out for them when working from our Truro office and on annual leave in the Summer.