Suniva and Solar World Americas will be expecting to reap the benefits of a protected domestic market for solar panels, and their success would lend credence to the protectionist approach towards US based manufacturers. I suspect this won't happen. 

Far from an explosion in the success of European-based manufacturers following the anti-dumping actions and the agreed Minimum Import Rules, the measures arguably had a slowing effect the growth of EU solar, as chunks were added to EPC cost and margins squeezed as a result. We are seeing the roll-back of the MIP as a key enabler of genuinely subsidy-free, which tells a story of its own. 

The question is, does the GOP Administration really care about the potential impact on solar deployment in the US?  It's approach to the renewable agenda suggests not, but the speed of growth, in terms of revenue and job creation, would make this an odd economic decision, if nothing else. Time will tell what impact this will have on the US solar market, as it grapples with yet another inhibiting policy. That is comes this time from a climate-change denying leadership makes the pill even harder to swallow.  TIme for State subsidy perhaps?