Charlotte Mortlock flags this interesting reminder of the requirement to make reasonable adjustments for those who are classified as disabled under the Equality Act 2010. Organisations who provide services to the public must make reasonable adjustments to ensure that disabled people have access to the services they provide in the same way (or as close as possible) to those without a disability. Of course, the obligation to make such adjustments is also a key feature in the employment sphere with employers having to consider making reasonable adjustments not only for employees, ex-employees but for job applicants also. 

It's a tricky area but businesses should ensure that they are on top of the obligation to make reasonable adjustments to not only avoid legal claims from employees, applicants and service users but also to avoid the negative PR and brand damage that can come with not making their jobs and services accessible to disable people.  Making reasonable adjustments is also a key way of enabling those with disabilities to take a full and active part in working life. 

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