The government has today published its Good Work Plan in response to the Taylor Review last year which looked at modern employment practices. The media have reported on the government's plan as a promise to overhaul employment rights to improve working conditions for millions of workers particularly those in the gig economy. 

Matthew Taylor, who headed the Taylor review, has said that the government's response is "substantive and comprehensive".  Other commentators from the workers' side of the fence have suggested that it doesn't go far enough (with the TUC General Secretary calling it a "baby step" where a "giant leap" was needed) and viewing it as a missed opportunity. However, as recognised by other business commentators such as Stephen Martin of the Institute of Directors, potentially, this could be a huge shake up in our employment laws so it is perhaps unsurprising that the government wants to proceed with caution and consult further.

Charlotte Mortlock looks at the headline points here