The problems facing housing for the elderly are becoming more of a political issue. On the back of last week's Housing for Older People report, MPs are now calling for a number of reforms. These include:

-changes to planning legislation including a new use class for retirement living

-SDLT and other tax breaks to encourage downsizing

-a national strategy to build more specialist housing

-improved standards of design for new developments

-telephone advice service to help retired people move

The report and recommendations add to growing calls from local authorities for the Government to tackle this issue as social care budgets come under greater pressure. With many elderly adults unwilling to remove into suitable accommodation their care needs are greater and arise earlier. Elderly adults living in larger family houses also adds pressure to the housing crisis for younger families.

The recommendations offer a sensible solution. Building high quality housing for the elderly is generally more expensive. (The tiny number of new bungalows that get built is one example of that). Without added incentives for developers the older generation will continue to lose out.