1. They're often charging?

2. Generous feed-ins aren't allowed any more?

3. They often shave their peaks?

4. There's some really big ones in Australia


5. They are subject to some really interesting discussions on the ownership and control of performance data and fault reporting.

In our recent publication on Data Flows in Energy Storage, (https://www.footanstey.com/data-flows-in-energy-storage-report-download), we looked at the potentially significant value of  performance data generated through the operation of an energy storage system, and the commercial negotiations on the use and ownership of that information.  It seems it's no different in the world of professional rugby; how well you perform, what faults are reporting, what the trends are, what the value of that data is to third parties and what impact if could have on the individual's business case.

I've been clearly looking for an opportunity to write about rugby, but I didn't expect the parallels to be quite so immediate. There's clearly a more personal/DP angle to the rugby side of things, which makes it less clear cut that the owner or finance provider should claim such rights on a "but for" basis, but it's clear that the fight for control over the numbers is alive and (ahem)...kicking.