We have seen an increase in claims involving farming families over the last few years where the son or daughter brings a claim alleging that their parents have failed to honour promises made to them about passing down the farm. These claims are based on what is called proprietary estoppel. There certainly seems to have been an influx of claims since the widely publicised case of the "Cowshed Cinderella" in 2015.  

A new claim has recently been reported which is that of Habberfield v Habberfield which is a claim by a daughter against her mother.

An interesting point that came out of this case is around written evidence.  Much of the daughter's claim rested on a 2008 letter from a surveyor which detailed plans for the daughter to increase her interest in the farming operation and upon the death of her parents to become the overall owner of the farm.  A full report of the case can be found here: