The proposed relocation of civil servants out of central London brings wider cost savings opportunities for central government departments. The development of new civil service facilities has the opportunity to kick start regeneration in regional centres by creating new co-location hubs with existing local authority and public sector entities. 

 These new hubs have the potential to generate cost savings for regional authorities in terms of modern, fit for purpose facilities. In turn, this will reduce reliance on older, inefficient building stock as well as  promoting a "cluster effect"  of economic activity around the new hub locations.

 A number  of developers have been involved in discussions around the planning for these changes. Not only are the new hub developments exciting but so is the prospect of older sites being released back onto the market for redevelopment. 

 Foot Anstey has helped a number of developers to promote these new opportunities. This has involved working with consultants who specialise in public sector restructuring and are expert in the business planning and cost benefit analysis required in order for relocation schemes to gain support.