On World IP day (26th April 2018) the news broke that the UK Government had ratified the Unified Patents Court Agreement (UPCA). The UPCA has already been ratified by France and shall enter into force once ratified by three signatories. All eyes are now on Germany (who have not yet ratified the UPCA) to now do so. There is a fly in the ointment however; Germany's ratification is likely to be delayed due to a challenge made to the German Federal Constitutional Court that the ratification of the UPCA would be unconstitutional. This is a major set-back for Germany and threatens to significantly delay (or potentially even derail) the UPCA.

The UPCA is governed by an international treaty outside of the EU. It is therefore not impacted by Brexit. The ratification of the UPCA is a bold move by the UK Government and will ensure that the UK continues to play a major role in influencing the international systems for enforcement of patents.