An interesting article which highlights the pressures within the retail sector to match and exceed the consumer's and employee's expectations of a seamless digital experience.

Consumers and employees have an ever-increasing expectation of a fluid, agile and innovative user experience.  This means that rather than focusing on a significant technology project every four or five years to improve efficiencies or replace legacy systems - organisations are having to procure technology and implement solutions by design on an on-going basis.  Technology and digital transformation is becoming more of a constant "business as usual" focus for businesses rather than the more traditional ad hoc procurements of the past.  This is driven directly by the exponential speed of technological innovation and correlation with the expected user experience.

Key takeaway points from the article are the emphasis on (1) user experience for consumers and employees alike - do working processes need to be re-evaluated to de-clutter the user experience - how can we use technology to support this? (2) is the business focused on output and the optimum way of achieving that goal rather than looking for technology solutions to force change (3) how can a transformational project get you closer to the customer/employee when digital interaction (by its very nature) can make or break the relationship a business has with its customers and employees.