Someone's gonna hurt you like you hurt me...

Can't beat some SRV in an EV, but is it an oddly-prescient comment on the lack of urgency in the government's strategy and the potential paucity of impact on air quality?  Probably not.  (Air quality was of course more fully explored by John Lee Hooker in "Smokestack Lightning"). 

But, looking at the strategy document, it does represent a good bundle of useful measures. But as we discussed as last week's excellent EV Summit, it lacks a coherency in driving EV ownership and addressing the  concerns of the consumer.  And, above all, given the size of the industrial and commercial opportunity up for grabs (and not to mention the air quality impact), 2040 looks decidedly lacking in ambition as a target. And if even Shell are agreeing with that, it probably needs to be re-examined. 

We look forward to working with our clients on infrastructure roll-out and financing, as well as taking a closer look at the electricity and hydrogen networks to support this.