In Thompson v Thompson [2018] EWHC 1338 (Ch) the High Court considered whether a son (who was one of five siblings) had made out his case of proprietary estoppel and was entitled to the family farm and his mother's interest in the farming partnership on her death.  

Since the son left school in 1979, he worked on his parent's farm seven days a week, up to 18 hours a day with few holidays and a maximum of £70 per week plus board and lodging.  From 1992 son and his parents each held a one third share under a farm partnership agreement.  Following his father's death his share was attributed to mum.  From 2014 family relations deteriorated and son stopped working on the farm due to illness.  

The High Court held that under proprietary estoppel the son was entitled, on his mum's death, to the entire family farm and her farm partnership share.  

On full analysis of this case it does demonstrate the willingness of the court, in the appropriate circumstances, to award the entirety of a farm to a farmer's child following a lifetime of work and informal promises in relation to succession.