Recent growth in the logistics sector combined with speculation around the impact of Brexit on trade borders has fuelled demand for industrial premises. 

Step forward into this market new "on-demand" warehousing models like Stowga. Stowga is an on line trading platform for warehousing space. Matching capacity and requirements via an on line marketplace, Stowga encourages a more flexible and efficient use of warehousing and industrial space than traditional letting routes. The new model is proving especially popular in helping corporates to realise value from "grey space" (space that belongs to a retailer or corporate whose core business is not logistics).

Demand for logistics over the short to medium term could fluctuate sharply as the UK withdraws from the EU and creates new trading relationships. Over the longer term, commentators are questioning whether the growth of logistics premises over recent years can continue to be sustained.

Over the longer term, Stowga and other similar models should help smooth demand and increase productivity in the logistics sector. Used to great effect already by large businesses like ASDA, it brings an exciting opportunity to extend the principles of the Sharing Economy which we have seen through personal platforms like Facebook Marketplace and Nextdoor to the corporate world.