Against the background of the giant 'plastic catcher' heading for the Pacific Ocean clean-up, this development of a new 'snap pack' from Carlsberg seems like a wonderful step forward.  In essence, it uses recyclable glue in place of the six ring plastic can holders that have been the subject of so many powerful photographs damaging ocean wildlife.  Looking back however, I must confess that I was a little surprised by quite how much unnecessary single use plastic was still being used in Easter Egg packaging back in April this year. Perhaps that's a trend which will change going forward, however in the meantime, a colleague recently raised the observation at one of our Food & Drink Sector meetings around quite how much plastic must be wasted in advent calendars each year. Don't get me wrong - I enjoy that tiny square of chocolate each day in December as much as the next person, however it will be interesting to see this year if any of the manufacturers choose to pick up on the trend of minimising the plastic component!