An indication of what could be around the corner for UK property can be found in the Netherlands. 

Plans are being considered in Holland to phase out gas connections and the installation of gas boilers in all new premises in the Netherlands from 2021. The changes are being proposed as part of the Dutch Government's "Carbon Descent" policy to reduce carbon emissions to negligible levels by 2050 and the relatively high carbon outputs from combusting gas. Progress has already been made towards this objective. City authorities like Amsterdam have made commitments to disconnect thousands of existing supplies in existing housing and not to connect supplies to new development. 

The progress of this new policy is being watched closely by industry academics and innovators in the UK. The changes are being taken seriously enough to prompt the interest of policy makers and academics as well as prompt the acceleration of research into the development of more efficient boiler technologies which are reliant on alternative fuel and power sources. Designers and developers could do well to take note and consider whether and how quickly these changes could take hold in the UK.