In its Road to Zero Strategy, the Government announced that by 2050 nearly all cars and vans should be zero emission vehicles. So far we have over 14,000 public charge points but a lot more infrastructure for charging electric cars and refueling hydrogen powered cars will be needed if there is to be a mass market uptake of electric vehicles. In response to a written question from the House of Lords asking about plans to invest in improvements to infrastructure to help support growth in the electric and hybrid car industry, the Department for Transport stated that:

  • a £400m public-private Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund will see thousands more electric vehicle charge points installed across the UK and
  • a consultation will shortly be launched on the proposal for charge points to be installed in all newly built homes in England, where appropriate, and for new lamp-posts to include charging infrastructure.

That certainly addresses some of the concerns about off road charging points. However we are still to see regulations under the Automated and Vehicles Act 2018 which would bring uniformity to charging access and investor confidence.