I mentioned this project when I spoke last week at the Energy Expo event and promised to flag it again as I think it will be a fascinating project.

Range anxiety, consumer habits and the price of electric vehicles have often been coined as the key barriers to the wider uptake of EVs. Now with the help of UKPN, Centrica, SSE, Uber Technologies, Hitachi  and Royal Mail a new study is underway to seek ways of addressing these barriers. The project, Optimise Prime (see what they have done there Transformer fans), will see 3,000 electric cars and trucks on the streets of London and will focus on the way operators charge their vehicles (when and for how long each time). 

The project is set to be completed by 28 February 2022 and any findings will be shared with the wider industry. It is anticipated that this will help organisations interested in the use of EVs to make decisions on whether and how much to invest in this technology. 

What is particularly exciting is the willingness of the participants to share the findings with the wider industry. This form of collaboration can yield interesting results for all parties involved. So watch this space! In the interim, if you want to read Centrica's thoughts on the project, visit: https://www.centrica.com/platform/decarbonising-transport