Warning: hidden dog puns included in this article - your appaws is welcome!

Working from home today being nuzzled and comforted by my adored cockapoo Rosie (obligatory picture below), I have spotted this article about EVs and delivery robots.

As more and more "bots" take centre stage, Continental Corporation 'dog' robots appear to fit neatly in.  Continental Corporation is using a combination of driverless delivery vehicles and robot pooches to complete last-mile deliveries in cities. Whilst I wouldn't change Rosie for anything (I don't think cuddles would be comfy with a robot dog), I can see the benefits of embarking with this automated delivery system, which allows parcels to be easily delivered at a customer's doorstep, saving the delivery man having his ankles nipped by a real life dog.  The next stage will be to see if they can fetch items as well as drop them off.

This is only one of the innovations that were showcased at the annual Consumer Electronics Show. Other notable innovations unleashed include:

  1. Pragma Industries' hydrogen-powered pedal bike. The company claims that the bike's range is "around double that of an average battery-powered bike".

  2. Heatworks' dishwasher – it is pawported to use around 4 litres of water per cycle, compared to a typical dishwasher that uses pup to 27 litres per cycle. The water-efficient dishwasher is expected to save househowlds around 5,600 litres of water per year. Considering that London is one of the most water-stressed cities in the world, this is one innovation to look out fur!

  3. Blockchain technology is being used to raise awareness of endangered species around the world. By using Last of Ours' new digital tool, users are able to earn tokens that can then be spent on various biodiversity projects.

It is amazing what is becoming paws-ible these days.  It may be a while until 'dog' robots become the norm but it would be interesting to see how Rosie reacts to an electric 'friend'!