It has been reported that the rollout of the 5G telecommunications network is being stalled by at least two years over legal disputes about the control of millions of lampposts.

Who would have thought lampposts would be such hot property!

The reason for this is because 5G requires installation of transmitters on a dense network of masts taller than a double-decker bus.  As a result, operators are seeking access to lampposts and other tall structures and threatening legal action against local authorities and landlords who are resisting.  

One of the purposes of the new electronic communications code was to ease the rollout of 5G but this is certainly not proving to be the case. The new tribunal system which was designed to speed up the process of dealing with such disputes is already backlogged and it is reported that hearing dates are now not available until 2020 at the earliest. 

We are advising a number of landowners on the new code and certainly agree that there are going to be a number of years of litigation ahead as a result of it.