Yes, it appears that we have gone over the tipping point where the pursuit of higher salary has been outweighed by the desire for flexibility and a more florid work experience as key drivers for younger workers seeking new roles. There is less of an appetite to stick it out through the hard times for a notional promotion with associated inflated pay package. Instead millennials are noted to be clocking up numerous roles with new employers in search of even greater flexibility. 

So, to attract and retain the employee of today and tomorrow, employers are under greater pressure to get it right with their flexible work offerings. That means not just allowing for the basic flexible hours, days and home working options, but going a lot further to provide greater diversity within the employment experience. Movement between roles, offices, departments and (where possible) countries should be sewn into the tapestry of work life (at least for noted star performers), not just to offer the variety that could otherwise be sought with another employer, but to enhance skills, collaboration and deep company knowledge within the workforce, thereby enhancing business resilience.