The composition of a project team depends very much on the type of construction method. Off-site manufacture brings into focus the "MMC manufacturer", along with others such as a groundworks contractor, M&E and other specialists or designers (e.g. to interface with the latent defects insurer or building control) . At first blush, this may seem no different to appointing a project team i.e. a main contractor and consultants, with the main contractor in turn appointing tier 2 subcontractors.

Delve deeper, and you will find that MMC places quite a lot of importance on the manufacturer (who could of course also be the main contractor) -  their choice and their early involvement is key to using MMC in a project successfully, particularly for highly manufactured end products. The MMC manufacturer's involvement is also important in the advance planning that is required to impose a "design freeze" prior to the commencement of factory production (to avoid eye-watering cost increases).

All this means rigorous project management and co-ordination is key. It is in this area that we are likely to see a main contractor's role develop into one of a "co-ordinator" i.e. a "construction manager".

So if you see "construction manager" referred to in your development agreement, agreement for lease or heads of terms it is perhaps worth asking the question, is there an element of MMC?